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John Oliver über Donald Trump

Vermutlich die beste Zusammenfassung zu Donald Trump, die es bislang gibt:

And you will remember that date [of Trumps inauguration], cause it’s the one time travelers from the future will come back to, to try to stop the whole thing from happening

The Five Best Conan-O’Brien-BuzzFeed-is-Running-out-of-Lists-Videos

Volume 9

In which the 18-Numbers-Under-100-list is featured.

Volume 2

In this episode Conan shows us the 9-Bedouins-You’ve-never-heard-of-list

Volume 1

A golden oldie… „17 Guys Who Look Nothing Like Jason Statham“

Volume 11

Well… „16 Jeopardy! Champs Dying Alone“, that’s macabre!

Volume 12

Who’s Gene Simmons? And why did he have sex with so many trees?

Twin Peaks 2016


Sonneborn ./. Oetting… Oettinger